"Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you."

- Carl Gustav Jung

Orientation Video

Welcome to inpatient psychiatry (otherwise known as 7 West) at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center! This webpage is designed to introduce to you the unit, as well as provide a smooth transition to your first week. It is highly recommended to watch the adjacent video. Below you can find a reading matrix with reading material to help facilitate your blossoming as a future psychiatrist.


Home Study

In the era of the pandemic and the modified schedule, please find below the link to direct you to the home study plan when you're off of service. Stay safe.


Text a chief if you do not know the password.


Week 1

Developing a Treatment Plan

Treatment plans vary in the inpatient psychiatry setting. The reading on the right will provide insight to the reasoning as to not only developing an assessment and plan for the patients, but also achievable and measurable goals.

Week 2

Operational Psychiatry

What is the difference between an AdSep and a MedBoard? What is the process to MedBoard an individual? The reading provided should help elaborate on these bread and butter concepts.

Week 3

Treatment for Suicide Prevention

It's hard to have gone through 7W without running into patient who have suicidal ideations. As a psychiatrist, this is one fo the most important safety evaluation. It is paramount to have a firm grasp on suicidality.

Week 4

Managing Aggression and agitated behavior

In contrast to patient with self harm, it is also important to understand on how to manage aggressive and agitated patients.

How to access and archive 7w Signout

To access 7W signout

Open a browser with the intranet and on the left hand column, find the directorate subheading and click on Behavioral Health. In the same area find Clinical Tools and click there for the 7W signout. Or click this link.

To move old signouts to the archive

In the 7W signout page, go to the top and click on "library" under the library tools heading. Find the open with explorer button, and voila, you may now create new archive folders and "cut and paste" old signouts into it for safe-keeping!

Contact CPT Fisher if unable to access signout or having other IT issues.


Getting Access to LIMDU

  1. Log into WRB Relias Health (formerly Swankhealth) at  https://wrb.reliashealth.com

  2. In the “Search” menu, Select Title and type “LIMDU” in the search criteria.

  3. Select and Enroll in:

    • LIMDU SMART Provider Training Module- Signature Authority: NMETC-16-LIMDU PRO Sign-1.0

    • This is a 13 minute video, that covers all the basics

    • Post-Test is attesting you watched the video

  4. Email Mrs. Beverly Mitchell the following information:

    1. ​Full Name

    2. DOD ID

    3. Email

    4. Inform her you have completed the training on Relias Health. She will give access to the LIMDU system.

  5. Log onto LIMDU at: https://edq.med.navy.mil/LIMDU

    • Use your email certificate on your CAC. NOT YOUR NORMAL CERT.

    • There is a user guide available within in the online LIMDU system.

  6. Call the help hotline number located in the top right of the LIMDU Smart page and request access to CnD portal. This should take no more than a couple minutes, and then you can access the CnD portal by clicking on your name and then CnD in the dropdown menu.

This is adapted by document provided by Dr. Gutierrez.

Getting Access to E-Profiles

  1. Log into Joint Knowledge Online (JKO)

  2. Search for the Medical Readiness Healthcare Portal Training (Course number DHA-US298)

  3. Select “DHA” for the Prefix and type “298” into the Course Number and search

    • This took me about two hours to complete and I had to break it up into 3 sessions.

  4. Request access to the Medical Readiness Health Care Portal via the MODS User Management website

    • This is on Page 8 of user guide.

  5. Select the Medical Readiness Health Care Portal for Program Selection. NOT E-PROFILE

  6. Select Provider-Physician for user Role Selection

  7. Add comment about your duties for Access Reason

  8. Under Role Property Assignment Selection: Click Active Duty-> RHC ATLANTIC (RHCA)-> Bethesda-PDMIS

  9. Request access to the system from Mr. Donnie Nieves. Email him your:

    1. Full Name

    2. DOD ID

    3. Email