“I am not afraid of an Army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of sheep led by a lion.”

– Alexander the Great


Recruitment Chairs

CPT Katrina Wachter

LT Matthew Heller

Welcoming Words

We are so excited for your interest in Walter Reed Psychiatry! Here are some details about what we have planned for you if you so choose to rotate here.


You will spend a total of four weeks with us: two weeks on one service and the rest on another. Due to the many changes in the healthcare system and the way we deliver care in the setting of this pandemic, we cannot predict the amount of patient interaction you will have on your rotations. However, on rotations that do have a limited patient census, you should plan for some supplementary individual study (guided by your attending) and group discussion with residents and faculty which we hope furthers your learning. We know that this is not an ideal situation; however, we want you to experience what we are like as a residency as much as possible!

Our Goals for you:

  1. Experience what the day-to-day life of a Walter Reed psychiatry resident is like.

  2. Participate in patient care as available in order to develop the skills and attitudes of a military psychiatrist.

  3. Create meaningful relationships with other sub-interns, residents, and faculty.

  4. Have fun!

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Recruitment

"Like a string of beads, it is our unique differences and intricacies that make us so appealing and attractive. We would not be as beautiful if we were all the same. It’s the contrast and asymmetry that makes us worth while."
         — Lindsey Lunsford, M.E.M., Second Edition DEI Fellow 

At Walter Reed Psychiatry, we not only acknowledge the different backgrounds, viewpoints, and perspectives of our applicants but encourage and seek after them. We believe that these differences are what will continue to grow our program into a better residency for all. Some steps we have taken include implementing implicit bias training for our interviewers and including DEI principles throughout our interviews and rotation experiences.

We recognize that there still is work to be done in this area, and we are committed to enabling all who apply to this program to share their experiences during the application process.


A few things we would like you to send us in advance:

  1. A brief bio (a few sentences is fine)

  2. A professional photo (to introduce you to residents and staff)

  3. Your cell phone number

  4. WhatsApp download on your device.

  5. Curriculum Vitae

You can send any of the above to the recruitment chairs.

Notes on military logistics:

  • Wear ACU/NWUs during your clerkship

  • Wear ASU Class As or Summer Whites for your interview.

COVID Housing


If you are coming from a COVID-19 hot spot (dynamically determined by command leadership and the DoD) then you will be asked to isolate inside the base for the first two weeks, limiting your movements to only the Navy Lodge and the hospital for your clinical work. You will be able to eat in the galley or anywhere in the hospital as much as you want and there will also be command representatives who will be available every day to take your food order and deliver it to you at the Lodge. After those two weeks are up, then you will be free to leave the base and go about seeing the area and taking more advantage of your time off. 

First day

  1. Complete your in-processing requirements with GME per Ms. Dulaney’s instructions.

  2. Contact your Resident Ambassador (assigned), a resident on service who will be giving you a tour of the hospital and can assist you in finding your way around for any additional requirements you must complete.

  3. Check in with our program director, Dr. Rohul Amin. This is not your interview—he just wants to welcome you. His office is in Building 10, 7th floor, Room 7043. Your resident tour guide can drop you off at his office if he is there.

  4. Report to your first service of rotation.


  • Interview will be held in the Forest conference room (Bldg 19 – America Bldg 4th Floor) on Tuesday afternoons.

  • They are 30 minute interviews.

  • Your will be emailed about your specific interview date and time.

  • You will be asked structured questions in a panel interview format (two faculty and one resident).

The Services


WR - Inpatient Psychiatry


Child/Adol Psych Outpt


Psych Consult/Liaison Service


Psych Continuity Service


WR Outpatient Psychiatry

Fort Belvoir

Adolescent Partial Hosp.

Open Textbook in Library


This resource covers what you will need to know to participate in our virtual Academics sessions during your time rotating at Walter Reed Psychiatry. This is a summary based on the most current schedule, but, especially in the time of this pandemic, the schedule is subject to change. For the latest information, pay attention to the sub-intern WhatsApp group and any updates from PGY-1 Academics Liaison for Recruitment, Veronica Vigilar. For any questions or concerns about the academic events schedule while you are rotating here, please utilize WhatsApp so that everyone receives the correct information.

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