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"There is a Crack in Everything.

That's how the Light gets In.”

- Leonard Cohen

Helicopter Rescue Team

OVERVIEW (Read the Syllabus to the left for more info)

- CPEP (Comprehensive Emergency Psych Program) is part of the Washington, DC Department of Behavioral Health. It consists of 3 complementary components which provide a continuum of services across emergency and
community settings:
• Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)
• Extended Observation Bed Unit (EOB)
• Community Response Team (CRT)

- Orientation is mandatory. This is scheduled on the first day of your rotation. You are strongly advised to contact CPEP at least 5 working days prior to your orientation start date in order to complete information and emergency contact paperwork and gain electronic health record/computer access. Failure to do so may delay your rotation start date.

- To schedule orientation and receive onboarding materials, contact Sonya Brim at sonya.brim@dc.gov.

- CPEP offers two rotation schedules: 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM or 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM. You are expected to attend team rounds for your respective shifts, at 7:00AM or 3:00 PM. Participation in rounds will give you a general overview of the patient milieu.

- Residents are exempted on their weekly didactic training days. Alternative schedules may be arranged with the approval of
CPEP’s Director, Dr. Medlock, or her designee. All absences planned and unplanned must be approved by CPEP’s Director, Dr. Morgan Medlock.
- All work must be supervised by attending physicians. CPEP is staffed with 2 attending physicians per shift. You are expected to work with an attending to provide care for at least one new admission per shift, along with follow-up and disposition planning for several previously admitted patients. Throughout your shift, you are to check in with your attending to inform of your progress in patient care and disposition planning.

- Any work not completed should be thoroughly signed out to the oncoming shift. The recommended format for providing sign-out is S-B-A-R: Situation – Background – Assessment – Recommendation.
- During your rotation, there will be opportunities for cross-program learning and liaising with the CRT program as well.

- All residents and medical students are expected to document notes in DBH’s EHR: ICAMS. All notes are reviewed and co-signed by the attending psychiatrist. Please familiarize yourself with the CPEP Initial Assessment, Doctor Re-Assessment, Psychiatric Evaluation, the CPEP legal EMTALA form, Doctor’s note, and Physician Discharge.

- All residents and medical students are required to attend weekly 1-hour didactic sessions as scheduled by CPEP Director, Dr. Medlock. These sessions will be devoted to review of relevant emergency psychiatry topics.

- All residents and students will be expected to conduct case presentations. You will be expected to present one or more times during your rotation at CPEP.

- The CPEP team includes psychiatrists, internists, nurses, mental health counselors, social workers, licensed CRT staff and supervisory staff. Please use these resource as they are helpful in providing the best possible care to your patients.

- CPEP’s social work team can help facilitate discharge planning, obtain hospital authorizations and connect patients to outpatient community resources.

- CRT is also a helpful resource when community transportation to home,
shelters, substance use disorder treatment programs and crisis beds are required. CRT may also complete wellness checks on patients discharged from CPEP.