Directorate of Behavioral Health




September 01, 2020

DBH All Hands Staff Meeting is designed to provide training and distribute important information throughout the Directorate as a way to synchronize our minds and missions.

Before the Meeting Checklist

We want to set you up for success - technology wise. Whether it's on a government computer, phone, or personal laptop. Walk through the boxes below to ensure a smooth and meaningful experience of this day.


Are you part of the team?

Are you part of the right team on Microsoft Teams? With a logged in Microsoft Teams application open, you can press below to join. You are part of the team when you see "DBH ALL STAFF" under your Teams.

Do you have the Agenda?

Please find a PDF with all of the links for this meeting below.

Which breakout group are you in?

0945-1145 w/ Dr. Paul includes breakout rooms. Determine which room you're in below.

Are you hyped?

Please watch this Pharrell Williams music video from YouTube for a dose of dopamine.


Military Aircraft



MAJ Lazard

We have the pleasure of MAJ Lazard in opening the All Hands meeting of 2020.

Security Camera Video Surveillance

Privacy Office Training


Privacy Office

Training to ensure adherence to regulations regarding protection of  personal information.

Jujitsu Man Training

PAO Training



Training w/ PAO. 5 Minute break to follow.


Implicit Training Bias


Dr. Laurie Paul

Psychotherapy in Black and White:
Anti-Black Racism in Black Client/White
Therapist & Black Therapist/White Client Dyads*


Farewells and Closing Remarks


Ms. Gibbs and COL Waits

Wrap-up and final thoughts on DBH All-Hands Meeting.

5 Minute Break, click the coffee for a some good info.

5 Minute Break, click the coffee for a some good info.

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