Distributed Didactics

"Don't make me use my psychiatrist voice."

- Nobody ever

Welcome to the future.


Didactics will likely be the more complicated virtualization of our educational missions this week as there are many moving parts, but I believe in us. Below you will find your respective portals to tune in for your didactics. Have Microsoft Teams downloaded on your favorite personal device and press on your respective Microsoft Team portal below at your respective didactics time.

ATTENDANCE: The participants list will be a screenshot for ease of accountability for the time being, times of the screenshot will vary.

MISSION: In light of upholding the spirit of an enriching learning environment at the cost of a less personal means, participation will be paramount and will be the trade off for this. Please be sure to be as active as possible during these virtual events. Your peers and teachers will appreciate you for this.


pgy1 Didactics portal



pgy2 didactics portal



pgy3 didactics portal



pgy4 didactics portal


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