Distributed Learning with Microsoft Teams

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Distributed Learning

Operation CO-VID(eo) Conferences, Phase 2

ALCON - Welcome to change. In the upcoming weeks we will be deploying Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a free application available on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Ideally, you will need to set up your account so please look through your military e-mail for the set-up instructions. The instructions should look similar to this. The link is also found on the left.

Download it now and sign in with your assigned CVR login. The email should be titled "Welcome to DOD's Commercial Virtual Remote Environment" - please search both your government and personal e-mail.

Come the day of said meeting below, press on the link provided to go to the video conference. Please mute your audio upon entering.

Please test out your Microsoft Teams application prior to the meeting to ensure minimal IT concerns. If anyone has any questions, please e-mail tnguyen2791@gmail.com or reach out to LT Nguyen for assistance. Thank you all for the flexibility and washing your hands.

* also use this channel for QI/PI, M&M, and Journal Clubs

  Video Conference to start at 1150h on        Tuesdays and Thursdays for Noon                             Conference.


               PSYCH LIBRARY LINK

Committee of Psychiatry Residents (CPR)

               Wednesdays at 1200h


Please press above link to take you to
               the didactics portal.


Video conference to start at 1100h on
        Wednesdays starting 12AUG.


Psychiatry Faculty Development Meeting

First Wednesday of Every Month 1300-1350


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