Welcome to the COVID Cup Psychiatry Jeopardy Night!

How to Join:

Step 1: Enter your platoon's Zoom room and obtain game pin

Step 2: Click link to Jeopardy Buzzer on your phone or computer and enter game pin. Game questions will appear on your buzzer.

Step 3: Join your respective COVID CUP team

  • Platoon leaders will join the game as 'Team Captain' and edit their team name to reflect their company (Alpha or Bravo) 

  • Everyone else will join their respective team as 'Team Member'

Step 4: PLAY! All participants can buzz in to answer the questions for their team​.


The team that wins in each room will receive 5 points towards the COVID Cup Challenge. 

The team with the highest score overall will earn an additional 5 points.

1st Platoons

Hosts: Anna DeFrancesco, PGY1

Steven Nemcek, PGY1

2nd Platoons

Host: Thanh Nguyen, PGY2

3rd Platoons

Host: Vanessa Freeman, PGY3

4th Platoons

Host: Katrina Wachter, PGY1