Fitness Tests

"Fear is holding on a minute longer."

- George Patton


Navy PRT

BCA Weigh-In and PRT Scheduling

BCA: 27SEP-8OCT2021(DBH)
@Bldg 17 in Basketball Court
from 0600-1500h

1. Up-to-date PHA

Each active duty Navy Service member must have a current PHA to participate to participate in the official BCA weigh-in. Check to see if your PHA is up to speed.

Complete PARFQ within PRIMS2 and bring it along with the most recent IMR to the above location. Do not forget your CAC!

3. Schedule for PRT

You will have 45 days from the official BCA above to schedule your PRT. If it is not completed within 45 days, an Unauthorized Absence (UA) will be recorded in PRIMS, counting as a failure.

Waivers due NLT 17SEP2021


Navy beat us to the punch! Man I wish I were those guys.


Will someone fill me out?