Government Travel CHARGE Card

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-Gretchen Rubin

Travel Card


1. Access and complete the Travel Card Training - instructions can be found in the PDF.

2. Complete DTS Check-In form and Statement of Understanding. Send the SOU to Dr. Amin (email below) for the supervisor signature.

3. Email the DTS Check-In form to the travel office so that they can create/transfer your DTS profile. Make sure you select the correct directorate (see Directorate List if needed). 


4. To apply for the government travel card then you will go to here. See the Application Guide above for a full walk-through on completing the application. 


a. Apply For Card


b. Select Invitation Passcode


c. Passcode:  WRNMMC


d. Inviter’s email address:


Program Coordinator (301-319-2498)

f. Upload the Statement of Understanding and Training Certificate.


-To upload the SoU and training certificate within the application click on View Account Documents (at the bottom of the last page of the application next to the word submit)

5. Please let the travel office and Ms. Williams know when you have received your government credit card, after calling the number on the back of the card to confirm receipt of the card, so that they can update DTS with the information. 


If the card simply needs to be transferred under Walter Reed then you will email the SoU, training certificate, your full SSN and GTCC card number with the expiration date to the travel office in an encrypted email. You will need to let the travel office know in the body of the email that you have a GTCC that needs to be transferred under Walter Reed.