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Accrual of annual leave is fixed by Uniformed Service regulations and excess accrual may result in loss of leave. The following policies for trainees hold unless in conflict with the program requirements:


-No more than 5 training days may be missed from a typical 4-week rotation block. Exceptions such as longer OCONUS leave must be approved by the program director.

-No leave is authorized during medicine wards or medical ICU, outside emergency. Residents on non-elective rotations are required to find a peer to cover them and are encouraged to do so on electives. This is an expected responsibility. We do not want abandoned posts.



-Previously 14 day limit, but currently from 2020-2022 will be 30 day limit.

-Can not take leave during medicine rotations without prior approval.

-More than one week in a 4 week block must receive prior approval from service chief/attending and may not be permitted during a required rotation.


PGY-2 and up

-NCC 30 day limit = 30 business/duty days.

-More than one week in a 4 week block must receive prior approval from service chief/attending and may not be permitted during a required rotation.


Medical Leave of Absence:

includes any medical conditions or parental leave

A. A total of 6-week parental leave is authorized over the course of the entirety of the residency that will not result in training extension. This permitted 6-week period may be taken all at once or in smaller chunks. This will not count towards the annual leave.

B. Maternity leave: Up-to 12 weeks of maternity leave is authorized IAW military service policies. Only training days (weekends excluded) will result in training extension.

i. Examples:

1. First pregnancy during the residency: The trainee takes a total of 12-week maternity leave. She uses the 6-week, one-time allowance. The remaining 6 weeks equate to 30 days of training

days. Therefore, the trainee is extended by 30 days. If the trainee misses any required training such as medicine, geriatrics, neurology etc., she will need to make that up during her remaining training.

2. Second pregnancy during the residency: Having expended the 6-week allowance, this trainee is already extended by 30 days from her prior pregnancy. If she takes 12-week maternity leave, this will equate to 60 days of training days and extension. Now, the trainee is 90-days off-cycle (30 day extension from pregnancy #1 and 60 day extension from pregnancy #2). 90 day lead is the maximum before a trainee is unable to take their ABPN boards that year i.e. the trainee must graduate by 30 September in order to be eligible to take the boards.

C. Paternity leave: The trainee may take the maximum paternity leave authorized by their military service. Based on the 6-week parental leave allowance, this leave will not result in training extension, as long as the cumulative parental leave taken by the individual does not go over the 6-week over their entire residency training. Any additional missed days for paternity leave beyond 6-weeks will result in training extension by counting training days missed i.e. excluding the weekends.

D. Other medical leave of absence: Up to 6-week of leave over the course of the residency is authorized without any training extension. Any leave beyond this will result in training extension based on training days missed from the program i.e. weekends are excluded.

E. Administrative absence from training: a trainee who may not be able to train due to administrative issues such as failed physical fitness or body weight, losing security clearance, or any other administrative or legal reason will be extended 1:1 for each missed day of training and weekends will be included. This type of absence is treated like a “pause” on training rather than being on leave. Therefore, the trainee resume where they’d left off prior to the leave. The 6-week allowance by ABPN/ABMS does not apply to this.

F. Trainees may use the online calculator at to determine their training extension requirement.

For OCONUS Leave for all trainees at WRNMMC:

Click here for Navy vs Army specific OCONUS leave steps

Please reach out to SFC Friday Acho, contact info below, at least 3 months before applying for OCONUS leave to make sure you don't miss any steps!

SFC Friday Acho

Force Protection Division/Antiterrorism & Physical Security

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Work Telephone: 301-319-4568


Intranet page with docs detailing the steps required to apply for OCONUS travel

- Weekend Passes -

You may also apply for a weekend pass every pay period (4 weeks), which will not burn Military leave but will still burn GME leave. Can use these passes CONUS only. Regular passes are for up to 3 days and Special Passes are for 4 days.


For example, you can use a 3 day pass on the weekend (and maybe extend it to a 4 day if a holiday that Friday or Monday), and not be charged by the military for the extra day. This will, however, still count as a day away from program for GME leave the week day you missed.

To do this you follow your regular Army or Navy steps for CONUS leave, found below, in addition to:

  • Navy: also submit a Special CHIT Request.

  • Army: on your DA31, instead of chargeable leave, put non-chargeable and notify Sgt Danielson that this is a pass request when submitting.


Unit commander or approved designee is the approval authority for special pass. Reasons to grant a special pass (4 day):

  • Special recognition for exceptional performance of duty

  • Attend spiritual retreats or observances of other major religious events requiring the Soldier to be continuously absent from work or duty.

  • Exercise voting responsibilities of citizenship

  • Alleviate personal problems incident to military service

  • As compensatory time off—

  • For long and arduous deployment from home station

  • For duty in isolated location where regular pass is inadequate

  • Following periods of continuous duty or excessive duration

  • For Soldiers on duty during Federal holiday. Such time off will be granted the first duty day after the holiday (including the observed day) except in unusual circumstances.


***Those of you who had < 60 days on 30 Sep 2020 can disregard the rest of this message.***

Last spring the SECDEF published a memo to allow service members to carry a leave balance exceeding 60 days until 2023.  However, subsequent clarifications have confirmed that the only leave we can carry over until 2023 is the number of days we had above 60 days on 30 Sep 2020.


For example, if you had 66 days on 30 Sep 2020, and then have 70 days on 30 Sep of 2021, you will lose 4 days.


The calculator below is a great tool to help you keep track of how many days of leave you need to use every year in order to avoid losing any.  Enter the number of days you had accumulated on 30 Sep 2020 in the left-most square on line 97.  The red box on line 100 will show your use/lose balance for the year.  As you plan your leave days, enter them in the yellow boxes under the appropriate month’s column.  Your use/lose number will adjust automatically.  I have attached some examples for assistance. 


Navy leave

"It's difficult to cultivate wellness and self-love to our patients when we're burnt out."

-LT Nguyen

Navy Leave Process *Stateside

- Navy Leave Steps -

See below for COVID/training guidance

1. Request leave from your Attending and/or site supervisor. 

2. Ensure you are not on call (or switch call with another resident and notify call chiefs). Check on Amion.  (Password: NCCPsych)

3. Make sure you are up-to-date on all trainings (and that you have  e-mailed all certificates to SGT Danielson and saved copies for   your personal records)

  • HIPPA (completed in JKO; DHA-US001)

  • Annual Regulatory Training (ART Alpha, Bravo & Charlie; completed at )

  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Awareness (Face to Face, previously called Birth Month Training)

  • Suicide prevention (face to face, previously called BMT)

  • Cyber Awareness (completed in JKO; DOD-US1364-18)

  • Antiterrorism Level 1 Awareness (completed in JKO; JS-US007)

  • Counter Intelligence Awareness and Reporting (completed in JKO; JS-US003)

4. Make sure you are medically ready. Check IMR Status to find out.

  • Select CAC -> IMR -> should say "Fully Medical Ready" in top right corner.

  • If it does not, look to see what is missing and schedule an appointment with the appropriate department ASAP (like PHA/Dental)

  • Take screenshot of the IMR status page using Snipping Tool (windows) and attach this with leave request.

5. Place leave request in NSIPS ​(Updated as of 30JUN21)

  • Reviewers:

    • LT Thanh Nguyen

    • LCDR Eric Serpico

    • MAJ Darlene Lazard

    • HM1 Eric Tesch

  • Approvers:

    • <250 miles: LTJG Peyton Roberts (No COVID risk assessment)

    • >250 miles: CAPT Rasha Welch (Attach COVID risk assessment)

    • OCONUS leave: CAPT Fancher

  • If you need your reviewers or approvers changed, email HM1 Eric Tesch with the block of reviewers and the appropriate approver for your specific leave request and ask to add them to NSIPS. Unfortunately, we are not able to edit NSIPS ourselves. 

  • *Many leave requests are getting recycled because all of the required trainings are not populating on the ETJ due to multiple training websites not communicating with each other. If your ETJ is missing any of the required trainings use Adobe to combine files and attach the missing training to your ETJ. The Records Management Certificate is often missing. 

6. After you hit "submit leave request", but before you sign your leave, (the same page with the box to check that you have enough funds to cover your leave) there is a place to attach documents. 

7.  Place leave dates in MedHub, email Craig Caris and the chiefs, and ask Mr. Caris to approve your leave in Medhub.  He will 'reply all' to confirm when he approves it. 

  • This is how the residency maintains accountability to ACGME for leave

8. If you are a PGY-3 or 4, ensure your clinic is tracking that you will be away and you have coverage for t-cons

  • At WR, place leave on SharePoint calendar

The above information is partially adapted by this most recently updated PowerPoint. OCONUS Leave request is included in said PowerPoint.


Due to an increase in COVID Cases, and the threat of this Delta Variant, we are currently back in HPCON Bravo, which means if you are planning on taking leave and the distance is greater than 250 miles from NSAB, the approver will be the XO, CAPT Welch.  Please go back in to your leave request and edit the routing matrix so that only the XO is approver.  This is only for those planning on taking leave over 250 miles away from our command.  If it is local leave, no need to change.


**For leave over 250 miles, please move LT Roberts from approver to reviewer and add CAPT Welch as the approver. You will also need to attach a copy of the completed COVID Travel Risk Assessment which outlines your travel plans, activites, and closest military installation to your leave address.  You may have to combine it with another attachment, as NSIPS only allows for three attachments with e-leave. **

Additional COVID-related steps

·         Where can I go?

You may travel to a destination greater than 250 miles from Walter Reed if the military installation closest to your destination is in green status on this list

·         What do I need to do?

Complete the COVID risk mitigation form and attach it in NSIPS along with your IMR status and electronic training jacket. 

From CAPT Fancher:  Force Health Protection (FHP) Supplement 14 MANDATES that all DOD personnel comply with state and local guidance when traveling.  If you plan to travel for leave or official travel you need to check the restrictions for your destination. If you are requesting to travel to one of these locations you will need to provide us with your plan to comply with the state requirement. If traveling to a State that does not allow waiver of the ROM you will need to take at least 14 days of leave to be complaint. 


NMRTC as a whole has decided that for leave requests, all training through the end of the month that your leave is planned, must be completed.  For the month of August, regardless of the dates of your leave, all training through 31 August must be completed in Relias.  In August there are 2 additional courses that are due by 31 August.  Those courses are :


-DON EEO Training: Equal Opportunity

-Suicide Prevention for Providers


Please complete these courses and upload your certificates, so that we can verify completion and recommend your leave.    There are currently no additional trainings planned for September, but if you are requesting leave in August or September, all trainings through the end of August MUST be completed.    If your leave dates fall between two months, then the training requirements for both months would need to be completed.  


Also, please ensure you are including your BLS certificate for Officer and Enlisted, and your HMSB and TCCC certificate for Enlisted as an attachment alongside your ETJ/Relias Transcript.   



Lets get you to the beach.

All steps following are as adapted and adjusted from the SOP Above. If you find a more up to date one, please give it to the "Website Feedback" button. 60 days is the lead time for applying for this type of leave.


Generally the process for applying for OCONUS is much more intensive than regular leave. You're a US official roaming about the world so each country will have a specific set of clearances.


Intense, I know.


Some are much more time intensive than others but these need to be done. All adapted from "Pre-Travel Requirement from the site below".

1. Search for your country in APACs (link above and CAC required). Go down to to "Personnel entry requirements for leave travel". Review the "Mandatory pre-travel training and documentation". Training is to the right

NOTE: You may or may not to complete and APACS. Go to the bottom of page and sign up for an APACS account, once account is made and you are signed in, select create personnel request.  Once all information is entered submit for approval.  They will email if you are missing information and when you have final approval.  Scan APACS approval to ATO.

2.Training + ISOPREP

Below is usually a list of training generally needed for OCONUS. Training usually needs to be done within 12 months.

JKO Courses:

  • Level 1 AT Awareness (JS-US007) - Valid for 12 months

  • SERE 100.2 (A-US1329) - Valid for 3 years. Will need this for ISOPREP

There may or may not be Quizlets for the pretest ;).


  • Go to Biomedical Photography (in civies and next to MWR) for ISOPREP photos. They'll give you a CD.

  • Take that CD and your training to Navy Medical Support Detachment (301-400-3859) located in Building 17 Room 1013 (See below for Army OCONUS leave, step 3, for detailed instructions on finding this office) and ask to do an ISOPREP.

3.Travel Tracker

Register for an account. This is the Travel Tracker/Individual Anti-Terrorism Plan. Go to the Country Threat Matrix and find the county or countries to where you are traveling.  You will need this information to complete your IATP if required for your country of travel. Select Submit Travel and complete an IATP only if you are traveling to a country located in the US Pacific Command (USPACOM).  USAFRICOM and USSOUTHCOM have Individual Antiterrorism Plans that are found in the DoD Clearance Guide.

Once all courses are completed bring certificates and documents to your AOR brief.  To schedule a brief contact your ATO



Army leave

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play

than in a year of conversation.” 

– Plato

Army Leave Process *Stateside


**For Leave to be processed you need

  • DA 31

  • LES

  • COVID Counseling

  • MEDPROs Green (or at least an appointment on file - if needed, ask SGT Danielson for status)

  • Annual Mandatory trainings complete (if needed, ask SGT Danielson for status)

  • *Flight Itinerary - required anytime SM is flying

  • *POV Inspection - if traveling anywhere other than your home address 


***POV form is required if SM places a different address on DA31 other than home residence and is not flying. Vehicle must be inspected by another individual be it a peer/co-worker. They must at least be an NCO regardless of branch. POV is valid for 3 months.

**Send completed DA31's to your designated deputy chief.

  • PGY1/2's send to Katrina Wachter, PGY3/4's to Chelsea Younghans

  • At least 20 days prior for standard leave, 60 days prior for OCONUS

**You should be cc'd on your leave request to C Co (SGT Danielson). 

  • If are not cc'd within 72hrs, contact the applicable chief directly to check on your leave.

**Once approved by C Co, place your confirmed leave dates in MedHub and ensure that it is also recorded on AMION

  • This is how the residency maintains accountability


**If you are a PGY-3 or PGY-4, ensure that clinic is tracking that you will be away and you have coverage for t-cons.  

  • At WR, place leave on SharePoint calendar

Jungle River




Step 1: Contact antiterrorism office rep SFC Friday Acho to clear whatever destination you are traveling to.

Work Telephone: 301-319-4568


Step 2: Complete the required OCONUS checklist cover sheet below for whatever country/region you are going to once cleared by antiterrorism office. Trainings can all be found on JKO. In addition to that checklist attach your passport picture and COVID counseling to your DA 31.

Step 3: To complete your ISOPREP, get your pictures taken at medical photography (located near Dunkin and MWR) and then take the CD they provide to Naval Readiness. This is located Bldg 17, first floor, go through the lobby and make a right at the elevators so you will have the gym on your left and the vending machines and William III on your right. You go through the double doors and then look for this office on the right and they will process your ISOPREP. You will need the date of your SERE training you completed online.  This must be done within 6 months in advance of your trip, but if multiple trips within the same 6 months only needs to be done once.

Step 4: Go to and create a new account if you have not done one yet (may take a few days to create first time around).  Once you have an account submit a new personnel request with the exact information as it appears on your flight itinerary.

Step 5: Submit your DA31 at least 60 pays prior with all attachments to the appropriate Deputy Chief (PGY1/2's to Katrina Wachter, PGY 3/4's to Chelsea Younghans) who will send it to the company.  Once they have confirmed your ISOPREP has been uploaded they will send you a security brief to sign and return.


**The Isoprep upload is the rate limiting step and can take a significant amount of time***

Mr. John Werner is the POC and you can check on the status with him at:

cell: 301-219-6155

office: 301-319-4899

Cover sheets and COVID form:


Last updated: 19AUG2021