National Capital Consortium Psychiatry

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Program Director's Welcome

Dr. Rohul Amin

Dr. Amin is board certified in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry. Dr. Amin earned his medical degree at America’s medical school (Uniformed Services University) in Bethesda, Maryland. He then completed residency in internal medicine and psychiatry at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland. He is now the program director for National Capital Consortium - Psychiatry Residency Program.



Resident and Faculty Wellness

  • Promote diversity and create a professional, equitable, respectful, and civil environment that is free from discrimination.

  • Enable work climate informed by Job Characteristics Model (JCM) that emphasized autonomy and timely feedback


  • Integrate mentorship, sponsorship and coaching starting in intern year.

  • Apply leadership and management skills via Leading Change curriculum.

  • Military Unique Curriculum include Combat and Operational Stress Course, Traumatic Event Management, and Supervisor Courses etc.

Clinical Care

  • Provide access to diverse patient population across the greater DC area

  • Enable autonomy and provide choices in self-directed experiential learning


  • Create learning climate to encourage curiosity and critical thinking.

  • Advance knowledge in order to reduce military mental health burden and improve military readiness.


  • Organize and create curriculum based on Self-Directed Learning and Adult Learning Theories and Principles to improve-knowledge and skill retention.

  • Develop faculty in order to support organizational and residency mission and aims.



  • Wounded Warriors

  • Active Duty Service Members

  • Retired Service Members

  • Dependents of Service Members

  • Veterans (Veterans Affair Rotation)

  • Civilians (Outside rotations)

  • Foreign Military and Dignitaries

  • Congress Members and Supreme Court Judges

  • The President of the United States


Walter Reed

  • Inpatient Psychiatry

  • Internal Medicine

  • Intensive Care Unit

  • Outpatient Psychiatry (PGY-3 yr)

  • Outpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (PGY-3)

  • Adult Partial Hospitalization

  • Outpatient Addiction

  • Pain Management

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Procedural Psychiatry(ECT, rTMS)

  • Other electives

Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute

  • Inpatient Psychiatry (PGY-2; Selective)

Fort Belvoir CH

  • Residential Treatment Facility (Addiction)

  • Inpatient Psychiatry

  • Inpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 

  • Child/Adolescent Partial Hospitalization

  • Outpatient Psychiatry (PGY-3 yr)

  • Other electives

Children's National Medical Center (Washington DC)

  • Inpatient Child Psychiatry (PGY-2)

INOVA Fairfax Hospital

  • Consult-Liaison Psychiatry (PGY-2)

Washington DC VA Hospital

  • Consult Neurology

  • Neurology Clinic

  • Internal Medicine

  • Inpatient Psychiatry (Selective)


Timed Experiences

  • Primary Care Medicine: 4 months in intership year

  • Inpatient Psychiatry: minimum of 6 months

  • Outpatient Psychiatry: 12 consecutive months

  • Neurology: 2 months

  • Consult-Liaison Psychiatry: 2 months

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: 2 months

  • Addiction Psychiatry: 1 month

  • Geriatric Psychiatry: 1 month

Untimed Experiences

  • Forensic Psychiatry

  • Community Psychiatry

  • Family/Couples Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Electroconsulsive Treatment

  • Psychological Testing