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"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens."

-Carl Jung

Reading 01

Depression Pathophysiology

Reading 02

Schizophrenia Origins

Reading 03

Fear & Anxiety Circuits

Reading 04

Positive Psychiatry

Positive Mental Health

Reading 05

Personality Enneagram

Personality Disorders Alternatives

Reading 06

Child Abuse and Neglect

Reading 07

Cortico-Limbic Circuits

Reading 08

Medications Right to Refuse

Reading 09

Black Box Warnings

Reading 10


Reading 11

Schizophrenia Interventions

Reading 12

Neurobiology to Novel Medications

Depression Diagnosis & Treatment

Reading 13


Reading 14

Mental Disorders in One Dimension

Reading 15

Addiction Neuroscience

Reading 16

Resilience & Vulnerability

Reading 17

Disorders Taxonomy

Reading 18

Tarasoff - Four Decades Later

Tarasoff Variations

Reading 19

Nutritional Psychiatry

Nutrition in Psychiatry

Reading 20

Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary Psychiatry

Reading 21

Hormonal Tx for MDD

Brain-Centric for Suicide

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