Why: Provide a clear vision and understanding of the NCC Psychiatry program to include administrative expectations (PDs/PCs), program requirements within the given academic year, Cabinet structure/roles, and Program events.


Meat and Potatoes

1230 - 1300 - Welcome + CPR Announcements + Goal (Chiefs as MCs)

1300 - 1400 PD/APD/Program Coordinator Address

1400-1415 Library Support 101 (Ms. Shohfi)

Cabinet Introductions ( 5 min per position)


Academic Chairs:

CPT Francis Ridge

CPT Jane Ma


Traditions and Morale Chairs:

CPT Anna DeFrancesco

CPT Omin Kwon


Knowledge Management Officer:

CPT Kellin Mair



CPT Miracle Amayo



CPT Chelsea Younghans


Recruitment/Special Events Chair:

CPT Katrina Wachter

LT Matt Heller


Diversity Equity and Inclusion Chair:

LT Alana Connell


Call Chiefs:

LT Meghan Quinn

CPT Chris Willis


Class Rep PGY-2:

CPT Marcus Hunt


Class Rep PGY-1:

CPT Keenan Murphy


5 min Break 



1530 - 1600 - ZOOM Advice Room

 - Use didactic zoom rooms for brief interclass small groups – pass wisdom/ask questions -


1530 - 1600 - ZOOM intro to training psychotherapists


Optional to join for anyone interested in learning more about this (priority for PGY3s to establish care with 1530 – 1600h a training psychotherapist )

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