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Official MEmo


  1. Definitions

    1. Selective: any general psychiatric or psychiatric sub-specialty rotation.

      • PGY-1 and PGY-2 selectives must include direct patient care and a sufficient number of patients to demonstrate competence with acute and chronic psychiatric illnesses.

      • PGY-4 residents may not schedule more than two months of selective rotation without direct patient care in a given academic year. Exceptions must be approved by the program director. For example, a resident conducting meaningful and/or relevant research may be granted permission to use more than one selective month as a research rotation.                                                                  

  2. PURPOSE: To provide guidance on the appropriate execution of elective rotation scheduling for NCC Military Psychiatry resident trainees, in order to facilitate optimal training that conforms to the ACGME requirements.

  3. Requirements:

    1. Three SELECTIVE blocks in PGY-1 year

    2. Two SELECTIVE blocks in PGY-2 year

    3. Six SELECTIVE blocks in PGY-4 year

  4. Goals and Objectives:

    1. Trainees will seek elective rotations that meet their specific educational goals and needs.

    2. The trainee will obtain additional training in areas of special interest.

  5. Procedures

    1. Trainee will review his or her schedule and identify selectives at the beginning of the year.

    2. Trainee will review the list of pre-established selectives which can be found on this website (see above and below).

    3. Trainee will use selective Genius Sign-Up to request desired selectives for the academic year in June of the preceding academic year.

    4. Deputy Chief will review all selective requests and ensure there is an appropriate number of trainees on each rotation.

    5. Deputy Chief will email faculty to schedule selective rotations for the upcoming year and cc the trainee requesting the selective.

    6. The chief resident will maintain a list of residents’ selectives and update the schedule on AMiON of the specific selective chosen.

    7. Trainees must seek approval from Deputy Chief and Program director if they would like to make an exception to the pre-established selective list (e.g. a PGY-2 would like to do a PGY-4 only elective).

    8. Trainee must not be on remediation and must be in good academic standing prior to seeking approval for selective exceptions. Deputy Chief residents will seek advice from the program director as needed. In cases where a trainee wants to start an elective that is not an established rotation, a new memorandum of agreement (MOA) and/or Program Letter of Agreement (PLA) will be needed. This requires advanced planning.

      • MOA must be submitted 6 months prior to the start of the rotation. (MOA word doc can be found here)

      • PLA requires approximately 8 weeks to complete. (Template for PLA can be found here and Appendix A, as what is expected of a selective, can be found here)

      • PLA requires GMEC approval.

      • The trainee must inform the chief residents and the program director of their desire for a new, not previously established selective as soon as possible given these deadlines.                                                                                                                          

  6. Responsibilities

    1. All interns and residents will ensure they understand this memorandum.

    2. All interns and residents will obtain guidance and approval of each elective rotation from psychiatry chief resident(s).

    3. Electives must have written curriculum with goals and objectives, and learning experiences that lead to specified learning outcomes. Academic Chairs will ensure this is available to all trainees for all pre-existing rotations.

    4. Psychiatry chief resident(s) will ensure each trainee is appropriately scheduled in conjunction and with the advice and approval of appropriate preceptor and/or site director. This will be reflected in AMiON.

    5. All resident(s) will ensure that experience in inpatient psychiatry includes at least 6 months, but no more than 16 months over the course of traditional 4-year residency IAW ACGME requirements via correspondence with Program coordinators and review of MedHub portfolio. This should be considered when selecting electives.

    6. The Program Coordinators and residency leadership will support residents as needed to ensure success.

    7. The program director will provide advice and supervision to ensure the intent of the memorandum is met.