- Sleep -

"The number of sleepers is

steadily growing,

bed is where more and more people are going.”

- Sleep expert, Dr .Seuss

Analyzing Scans

Educational Purpose

 The learner will become proficient in the evaluation and management of patients with common sleep disorders.

 The learner should be familiar with the basics of polysomnogram interpretation.


  • You can wear scrubs. There is no assigned uniform of the day.

  • Put this into your GPS to not end up at the homeless shelter: This Link

  • Sonya Brim (Site Admin) will provide a badge, computer login, iCAMS login.

  • 0700h: Nursing rounds at the nursing station. This is where you'll get your patient list - be there.

  • 1200h: Lunch - bring one, buy one, or perish.

  • 1400h: See patients/triage until this time. Potentially the cut-off for not seeing any more patients. This is at the attending's discretion.

  • 1500h: You go home if all of your work is done. There is no sign-out to complete.

  • You are exempt from this rotation for didactics and your clinic day. Please let your team know.


  • All residents and medical students are expected to document notes in DBH’s EHR: ICAMS. All notes are reviewed and co-signed by the attending psychiatrist. Please familiarize yourself with the CPEP Initial Assessment, Doctor Re-Assessment, Psychiatric Evaluation, the CPEP legal EMTALA form, Doctor’s note, and Physician Discharge.


  • The CPEP team includes psychiatrists, internists, nurses, mental health counselors, social workers, licensed CRT staff, and supervisory staff. Please use these resources as they are helpful in providing the best possible care to your patients.

  • CPEP’s social work team can help facilitate discharge planning, obtain hospital authorizations and connect patients to outpatient community resources

  • CRT is also a helpful resource when community transportation to homes, shelters, substance use disorder treatment programs and crisis beds are required. CRT may also complete wellness checks on patients discharged from CPEP.


Save yourself some sleep. Start prepared and well rested.

1. Goals & Objectives

Check out the Sleep Elective syllabus with thorough instructions.

2. Primer

Now that you got the run-down, get primed for your first week on service.

3. Verify

Two weeks before (put in calendar), verify status from link above.


One week before, get a COVID test (put in calendar)