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Two Dried Leaves


So you're interested in advancing psychedelic medicine in the military? Or perhaps have caught wind of the exciting research being done on this subject and want to know more. Either way, you are in the right place.


This is a page to assist in connecting, collaborating, and supporting each other as we continually develop our shared interest in this quickly emerging topic. 


To the right is a link to CPT Fisher's email, contact him for access to the "slack" app which we are using to coordinate our members and meetings.

  • Be on the lookout for any opportunities to learn, collaborate, publish; We'll all be doing our best to share opportunities as they come along, but you're encouraged to do the same!

  • Even for non-psychedelic-related opportunities, consider offering those to this group to start building those collaborative relationships with each other. Hopefully, this can be a forum to build each other up.

  • Please feel free to proactively share with the group any interesting articles or anything else you come across. The hope is that this becomes an open forum for us to actively connect and engage with each other.


What's that? Still thirsty for more on the burgeoning field of psychedelic assisted psychotherapies? Look no further! We are closely collaborating with the Yale psychedelic society. Follow the link to the right for more info on how to join.

Also check below for resources on current literature, societies, and studies being done around psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.

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->Psychedelic Library



-> Curriculum Plan

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